Why was my email forwarder removed? (Click Here for More Info)

With shared hosting we sometimes have instances where a domain is no longer accepting email from the server, and listed the server as a source of spam. While this may not be true, we want to ensure customer are not affected by such blockages. The majority of these issues were happening as a result of an email forwarder. With shared hosting, everyone has to share a lot of that email reputation.

To better serve our customer, the servers will automatically remove any forward that sends to certain domains, including Yahoo!, HotMail, AT&T, AOL, and MSN/Live. This is done to ensure that the server IP is not blacklisted or blocked from these domains. We understand that this may be an inconvenience for some customers, though we believe the majority of clients would rather want to be able to communicate with people on other domains, as opposed to not receiving emails.

Please rest assured that we fight completely against spamming and server abuse. If you should have any additional questions regarding our policies, please open a support ticket or email us.
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