Why You Need to Switch to WordPress Now

The Internet is dynamic, it changes every microsecond of every day and doesn't wait for any business to catch up. Your business needs to be in a constant state of virtual flux if you want to keep up and WordPress lets you do this.

By utilizing a few (or a few dozen) plugins, you can make your site do anything and update it any time, even without a web designer. The set-up of WordPress is surprisingly easy, so easy in fact, that we offer it as an option during sign-up with any of our Shared Hosting plans: HostArmor.com/shared.html

If maintaining updates isn't your thing, we can keep a watchful eye on every facet of your site using ArmorPress™: HostArmor.com/armorpress.html

You can run a blog, gallery, and event calendar all from one place with WordPress, or you can start a forum, a social network, a guest post blog, anything! Chances are, if you need something on your site, there is already a WordPress plugin, theme, and documentation for it.

Also, just in case you need convincing, almost 1/5th of all websites on the Internet use WordPress in one way or another. At the time of posting this, 13,739,414, people have downloaded version 4.2: https://wordpress.org/download/counter/

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