Do you… have HTTP/2?

Yes, the title rhymes because this is a happy new feature!

All of our shared and business hosting supports HTTP/2 (or HTTP/2.0). If you're hosted with us, you can verify it at

But what is it? And why is it needed? Do other companies support it? We're going to answer all those questions below.

What is it?
It is simply an "upgrade to the Internet". Right now the protocol that is responsible for fetching and displaying web pages (HTTP/HTTPS) is old, and by old we mean it was last updated in 1997 (it's 19 years old!). Typically this is a sign that it needs a freshening up. IPv6, CSS3, HTML5, and PHP7 are all examples of updated web technologies, and here the very backbone of it all is about to crack under the pressure.

Why is it needed?
HTTP/2 provides multiple streams of data. This, like USB 3.0 and AC Routers, gives both back and forth connections, at the same time. Instead of waiting for an image to load, then another, then another, it can load them while requesting more information. Thus speeding up the whole of the Internet by around 38%.

Do other companies support it?
Sadly we've been hard pressed to find other hosts that support it; neither on their main site or on the sites of their clients. We hope that the hosts either are unaware of the technology or are testing to launch it soon.

In the meantime, we want to offer you the first 2 months free of either our Shared or Business plans with the coupon code "HTTP/2". We're so confident you'll love the stack of CloudLinux, LiteSpeed, PHP7, and HTTP/2 that you'll stick with us until HTTP/3 comes around 😉

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