Why you should avoid retargeting – and how you can advertise instead.

Retargeting is a relatively new type of advertising that is sweeping through business circles everywhere. Basically it is a method for businesses to show ads to previous visitors of their site and then get them to come back. Sounds good, right? No, and it's going to burn through your hard-earned cash.

When a person visits your website, they see your business for the first time. They get an emotion from the site, they see information, and they might even choose to buy something. This is why people constantly emphasize the CALL TO ACTION. It tells visitors what you would like them to do and provides an easy way to get them there. Whether it's a quote form or order button.

If your website lacks clear call-to-action sections, visitors may be bored, confused, or both and simply browse elsewhere. Perhaps they even browse to a competitor site that is more user-friendly. Make sure you know what a call to action is and make sure your web designer knows what it is. Then use it properly!

With retargeting, you are basically paying people to come back to your site that they may have bookmarked, are uninterested in, or simply don't like your services. If you have a good call to action, then you shouldn't need to continue bothering people about your site, they should have ordered the first time around.

Of course there will be those who insist on spending money for this additional advertising method, and we encourage you to look into all forms of advertising, but use caution if you see anything that is skipping over the obvious problem and asking you to spend a repeat amount of money (your first money should have gone into ensuring your website is up-to-par with clear actions).

Side note: Review and coupon sites are great for bringing in additional visitors. Look for review and coupon sites that are relevant to your industry, and keep them active with new promotions and links for your customers to review your services/products.

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