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New Year, New Happenings!

We wanted to post something about the upcoming, and almost launched, products and services for the start of this year. Here is a brief overview of what's coming and an approximate time for each. ArmorUpdate™: While this WordPress maintenance service is already released and readily available, we are going to be moving it towards an…
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Why You Need to Switch to WordPress Now

The Internet is dynamic, it changes every microsecond of every day and doesn't wait for any business to catch up. Your business needs to be in a constant state of virtual flux if you want to keep up and WordPress lets you do this. By utilizing a few (or a few dozen) plugins, you can…
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St. Patrick’s Day WordPress Theme

Last month we offered a free Valentine's Day WordPress theme, and this month we are offering a St. Patrick's Day theme. You're entirely free to use this theme for personal or commercial projects, just no charging for it. If you want to spread the word, simply share our Promotions page: Here is a little…
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