New Year, New Happenings!

We wanted to post something about the upcoming, and almost launched, products and services for the start of this year. Here is a brief overview of what's coming and an approximate time for each.

ArmorUpdate™: While this WordPress maintenance service is already released and readily available, we are going to be moving it towards an automatic update system. Manually updating sites to the latest version is both time consuming and slightly contradictory to our easy service. Expect a release within the week along with a new version of the plugin. Existing clients with this service will be updated by our team. You can use this badge to show your site is maintained by

Las Vegas Hosting: Viva Las Vegas! We're moving into the shared hosting sector of the West Coast which is just a little closer to home. The same great service is going to be available there with a little bit of a different approach... things are going to be bleeding edge. What we mean by that is you will receive the absolute latest in technology (like free SSL certificates) and the most recent versions of software (like cPanel v11.54). Although this does pose the question of stability, we are confident enough with our service and testing that we encourage sites that are based from the western U.S. to host there! The launch of this location should be either later today or tomorrow.

Email Hosting: This has been somewhat of a side memo that shows up from time to time. We've finally decided to start email hosting via cPanel with a flexible plan structure and available from both Vegas and Orlando. Since it is entirely for email, there is no website features, just access to Webmail, spam control tools, and as many email accounts as you want. This should be available sometime next week once we analyze and set a plan. Unlimited doesn't seem like an option because it undercuts our entire believe that you should get what you pay for and "quantum storage" just isn't viable at this time 😉

Business Hosting: It's come to our attention that sometimes our shared hosting plans just don't provide the kind of volume that business websites require for email, files, and multiple site zones. Even though we highly recommend using a dedicated server, we understand that small business budgets simply cannot make that leap just yet. So to give the best of both, we will be offering larger versions of our shared hosting plans with enough space and bandwidth to give you room to grow! Along with the email hosting, this is expected to become available next week.

If you have any questions about this services and products, feel free to contact our support team at

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