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WordPress is more popular than ever, let us protect you!

The most popular content management system on the planet is WordPress. But with great popularity comes greater risk. Every day hundreds of WordPress-powered websites are attacked, sometimes they are hacked. When this happens, the wonderful features of WordPress can be crippled or your site may become the next distributor of malware.

WordPress hacks are messy and difficult to manage. Cleaning them up often costs more than you would like. Although we can clean up your website after an attack, we would prefer to prevent them altogether. That's why we've developed ArmorPress™.

ArmorPress™ is a set of hand-picked plugins, automatic upgrade scripts, and initial hardening to stop your site from being hacked before you even launch it. We can't disclose the details here, but the proceedure was developed by our company owner after he was contacted to clean up a website that had been banned from Google after being hacked and connected to a malicious server.

No site, server, or software is unhackable, but you can receive the next best thing with a set of tools to find and patch security issues before they become a problem. We handle all the technical work, all you have to do is click the button above and your order process will start immediately.

WP Stats

  • 69% of sites use it as a CMS.
  • 29% of people know of WP.
  • WP powers 18.9% of the Internet.
  • 89 WP downloads per minute.
  • Over 50% of our clients use WP.


  • Don't install additional plugins unless absolutely needed.
  • Don't give out your WordPress login to anyone!
  • Don't make additional accounts for people unless you fully trust them, and they understand not to give the login to anyone.