We have a new system for issuing and renewing the free included SSL certificates with your hosting-- the certificates are from Let's Encrypt and satisfy basic domain-validated HTTPS connections for browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Unfortunately these certificates are not automatically generated, but we are able to offer them to all primary (and possibly additional) domains hosted within your account. There is also a new system for tracking the expiration and renewals which we run in-house, and the generation/installation time has been decreased significantly.

To request a certificate or to add a new certificate for an additional domain you have hosted, all you have to do is open a support ticket to be added to the issuance and tracking. If you already were receiving an SSL certificate, the new ones have been merged in from our end with no input needed from you. To avoid confusion, SSL renewal notices are being turned off within cPanel so that you don't receive extra emails that can be disregarded anyway.

Note: These are domain-validated certificates. They will encrypt a connection between the client and the server, but they do not provide any insurance and should not be used for sites where credit card information may be entered. We do have access to provide other SSL certificates that would be better suited for such e-commerce sites, please contact sales. Additionally, if you have an e-commerce site but are using a third-party to process credit card information, such as PayPal, the basic free certificate should provide adequate protections.

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

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