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Shared Hosting Features

Powerful Hardware

Stability and Speed

Instead of cheap hardware, our shared hosting runs on top-of-the-line Hex-Core servers.

Business Security

Quality Hosting

We provide you with a layer of armor to protect your valuable site(s).

Software Installer

Do It Yourself

We include a one-click software installer for free with all of our shared hosting plans!

24x7 Ticket Support

Fast Responses

Tier 3 support is given to all shared hosting clients at no extra cost. Responses within hours!


Grow Your Business

Whether you have 100 or 1 million customers, our hosting can keep you up and running.

Backup Solutions

Peace of Mind

Daily backups of your data are carefully stored and available for restoration at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I even need a website?

Yes, people expect your business (or self) to have a website, just like they expect you to have a working phone number. There are billions of Internet users, without a website, you have no virtual storefront.

What if I know nothing about hosting?

That's alright, we're here to help! Often people who need hosting the most are because they don't have the technical skills required to run a complicated site; we make it easy and painless for you.

What is a domain?

A domain is simply the website address you give to people so they can easily visit your site. The domain for this site is

How long does setup take?

Shared hosting is instant, dedicated servers within 24-48 hours, apps take 2-3 weeks, and websites can take as little as 1 week.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) and, simply put, it lets you edit photos or text on your site without needing help from a web designer. Once it's set up, it's as easy as using a word processor or composing an email.

Are there hidden fees?

Nope! The price you see is the price you get. There may be add-ons, but you would have to include them in your order and will still get a total price. Fees are only charged for things like backup or domain recovery.

About Us

We strive to achieve perfection in hosting. Our shared and dedicated server plans adhere to the lowest pricing possible, and give you more than you've ever bargained for. Compared to other companies, we almost always match or beat the price 9 times out of 10. Our services scale up with your business or personal site needs to let you truly: "Shine Above the Rest!"

Our services vary from app development to TV channels and everything in between. Logo design, high-class servers, and basic shared hosting are all available at great prices. Our turnaround time is nothing short of amazing too!