Top 5 Android Apps Everyone Should Have

I've recently bounded into the Android market head first. Both the company and I are looking to design, publish, and distribute Android (and iPhone) applications. But for now, here are 5 we recommend. Please note, we are not responsible for these apps, this is only a recommendation list, individual devices may vary.

#1 Advanced Task Manager:
Download this and close pesky programs that are eating up your phone's RAM and battery. A couple taps and you'll see an improvement in your overall phone speed... until you open more apps that is 😉

#2 Comodo Battery Saver:
Surprisingly this comes from an anti-virus company, but is just as good as other products offered by Comodo. This app makes it easy to disable features or services that eat up battery. It also has a nice (and accurate) battery management system.

#3 ColorNote:
When you're looking for an easy way to make a checklist or write a quick note, this app is lightweight and filled with colors.

#4 Camera ICS:
I was nearly deafened by the first few photos I took with my phone, and finally found this app that works nearly identical to the default camera app. It keeps things silent and pleasant when you're trying to take that sleeping cat photo.

#5 Shake Screen On Off FREE:
Thankfully this app works fairly decent at saving your phone power button from the constant on-off switching that you constantly have to do. It uses the phone's accelerometer and seems to be lightweight.

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