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What is this?

A service level agreement or SLA is an agreement made by a company to their customers. We here at HostArmor™ want to prove that we stand by our services. By providing a public agreement of how much you will be compensated for unacceptable downtime, you can rest assured that we do everything in our power to keep your hosting account up 24x7. If, for some reason, we cannot fulfill our promise to you, you will receive a discount for what we believe is lost money.

In addition, you may request a full explanation of any known outage, and we will provide it without question. If the outage was not known, we will investigate it to the best of our ability, and then inform you of our results. With the modern age full of distrust, we really do believe that "honesty is the best policy".

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Third-Party Uptime Monitor

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Services Agreement

HostArmor™ agrees to provide the following services in full upon successful payment from a client: *

  • Website Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Domain Names
* Provided that the requested service/product does not break our terms, and provided that we have the requested hardware/product on hand.

Uptime Guarantee

If we fall below our guaranteed 99.9% shared hosting uptime, you will be credited as such:

  • 99.8% (1.5 hours) - 99.4% (4.5 hours) = 50% off your next month's payment.
  • 99.3% (5 hours) or lower = 100% off your next month's payment.
These percentages apply any time during the period of one calendar month. Scheduled downtime does not apply; but downtime that is scheduled as a direct result of, and after, an unscheduled or scheduled outage will apply to these rules. We will need to investigate and double check should you choose to dispute uptime, but we will count all facts, including third-party uptime monitors.