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Hosting Awards

Here are a few awards we've recently won for our hosting services. Read for yourself why people all over the country trust HostArmor™ to deliver some of the best hosting money can buy!
Click here to read the glowing review from Ananova!
Click here to read our CEO's interview with Web Host Ranking!
Free Web Hosting  Web Hosting Coupons  HostArmor Hosting was awarded this badge for its excellent service

"HostArmor is easily the best quality for your time and money. I have never worked with anyone as flexible as well as creative within this realm. It was a pleasure working with him (Vallen) and I say the same thing to everyone I talk to about marketing in film and acting, 'You need a website...from HostArmor! It will be live and published before you know it!'"Stephen B.
"I haven't been with HostArmor that long, but in the short amount of time I have been, they have been extremely reliable and friendly, they were amazing with the creation and set up, and even with the vagueness of my descriptions and questions are very happy to help and answer any question I may have, no matter how tedious, silly, or vague it may be. They make me feel very special at HostArmor. I am very glad I chose to go with them."Brittany T.
"HostArmor is the most reliable, cost-effective, solution to your website needs! Vallen and his team are very informative, personable, and very great people to deal with! I will ALWAYS use these guys for all my Internet business needs. Thanks for being my business' one stop shop!"Jesse S.
"I have been hosting with HostArmor for over 2 years and the service has been GREAT! Never have I had any problems with them. I host all the websites that I create through them. That has to say something, when you can trust a company to host your clients websites. I would recommend them 100%!!!!!"Cindy B.
"They built my website from the the ground up at a very reasonable price. Great job!"Roger O.

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