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Shared Hosting

Easy-to-do instant hosting. You can host anything from a blog to an e-commerce site on these packages. Everything is backed up daily, and the network speed is amazing. You can also host an unlimited number of sites (within the space given) on a single account!

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Business Hosting

Starting off a new or existing small business but don't have the budget for a dedicated server? No problem! Our business hosting allows you to enjoy the same hassle-free service as our shared hosting but with mega-sized plans!

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Gaming Servers

Our dedicated server selection is both upgradable and versatile! Featuring a 100% network, power, and cooling uptime they virtually never go offline. Each server is carefully protected by an in-house DDoS system to keep it online. Get your game on!

Minecraft Servers   Garry's Mod Servers   Counter-Strike Servers

Forex Servers

Forex trading is a hot market and can't afford any less than the best. That's why all the servers offer our standard 100% power, cooling, and network uptime! You also get around 0.5ms to 2ms latency to most NYC trading locations, giving you near-instant results.

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Dedicated Servers

Very powerful servers built with new and reliable hardward. You can use these for large websites or even streaming. The network backbone delivers fast speeds right away with the option to upgrade. You can customize whatever you want about these and have full access to 100% of the resources.

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