How Business Hosting Can Simplify Business Email

We've all had those moments when you forget an email document at the office. Or maybe you work from home and meet clients in the field. Either way, your email is one of the most important business tools and deserves a fair amount of respect.

Semi-recently we launched Business Hosting Plans and with that has come a lot of questions about what makes them different. First and foremost is that our in-house WordPress maintenance service, ArmorUpdate™, is included free. In addition, the business plans are much larger than our standard Shared Hosting Plans, which gives you more flexibility to use IMAP email.

What is IMAP? Basically there are two major methods of retrieving email, POP or IMAP. POP downloads the messages to a program like Outlook or Thunderbird, IMAP accesses the email remotely on the server. There are advantages to both:
-With POP you can keep a local copy of the message as long as you need and the number of messages is limited only by your computer hard drive.
-With IMAP you can access your email from multiple locations or use a shared email account among colleagues, but you are limited by your hosting account.

Thankfully our business hosting comes with a great amount of SSD, RAID10, backed-up disk space! And composing email is the same as using a service like Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail, no extra setup or complicated server settings to worry about.

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