Hosting-Wide SSL

Every single shared and business hosting account now has SSL, automagically! We quietly activated cPanel's new AutoSSL feature when we upgraded our servers to cPanel v58.

It amazingly went to work behind the scenes and secured every single shared/business domain we host with a shiny new SSL certificate. What's more, these certificates renew, automatically, and without bothering you!

Don't want an SSL? We understand if you don't care to switch everything over, and that's fine, it won't affect your current site unless people browse to the SSL version, which often works without having to update anything. Google and other search engines are beginning to honor SSL sites, so why not grab some extra SEO juice for free?

This feature applies to all new websites as well, it's automatically assigned when the account creation process is completed and our nightly updates run through. Hopefully soon we can begin offering Let's Encrypt certificates as an alternative to the current COMODO ones, but they both are fully compliant and secure (256-bit).

We hope these certificates will be one more way to show:

"It's Our Business to Make Yours Secure!"

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