Heartbleed Bug

Yes, we're going to post about the infamous Heartbleed Bug in the OpenSSL software. This is a serious security concern, and we want to reassure our customers that the fix was installed, services were restarted, and our SSL certificates were revoked and then reissued ASAP. But first, a little info about our fix and what you may need to do.

This bug was discovered in the OpenSSL library and essentially allows for someone to impersonate your website and steal important encrypted information being sent to or from customers and/or you. For example, if you have an e-commerce site, then it could allow for an attacker to steal credit cards as they are being sent for processing.

Fortunately we have amazing servers, and a quick team to tackle problems like this. The OpenSSL services on our servers have already been patched and everything is secure from that side. However, if you have an SSL certificate for a website hosted with us, you WILL need to reissue it. Also, we recommend that you change or update passwords for services you may have accessed over SSL, this includes the billing center, cPanel, and Webmail.

All the SSL certificates we sell have free reissuing, so that should help with the process, but you will still need to have us reinstall the new certificate. For any assistance with it, simply open a support ticket or give us a call. Most of this is a precaution as no evidence has been found of the exploit being used on our systems, but to be sure you're secure, please follow the above steps.

You can read more all about the bug and what it does here: http://heartbleed.com (or by clicking that huge logo above). As this bug was available "in the wild" for the past two years, you may want to consider updating passwords across your Internet accounts. However, make sure the company has patched the bug prior to updating your password, or else it is entirely in vain.

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