EasyApache 4 and PHP7 with PHP-FPM

As we said on Twitter, we were doing some software updates with an announcement to follow. We're happy to announce that all shared and business clients have access to EA4 which allows multi-php functions.

What does this mean for the average user? You can change certain PHP functions (like upload size or script timeouts) per domain so that you can tweak things for each site you run without having to deal with messy .htaccess directives or open a support ticket for help.

Along with that we're also offering PHP7 which is the latest release and will offer some speed and performance improvements to v5.6. For developers and busy sites we've also allowed for the enabling of PHP-FPM which assists with additional PHP processes and other technical stuff which you can read more about at https://php-fpm.org

We hope you enjoy the improvements we've been making around here and benefit from things like Cloudflare, free SSL certificates, CentOS 7, and cPanel 62. Make 2017 the year that your site shines!

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