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We’re ready for 2016. Are you?

2016 is slated to be a year of innovation. A mini Renaissance on the Internet. A year of discovery for both new businesses and established companies. With that said, let's do something amazing. Make your business shine, take website risks (good ones), be bold! Currently getting 100 visitors a month? Let's get you 10,000! Thinking…
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What is "BLACKout FRIDAY"? Glad you asked! It's like Black Friday, but instead of thousands of new customers, there are thousands of lost sales. The millions upon millions of dollars spent each year during Black Friday and the sister day, Cyber Monday, is growing more and more due to the number of Internet-connected devices. Customers…
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Why you should avoid retargeting – and how you can advertise instead.

Retargeting is a relatively new type of advertising that is sweeping through business circles everywhere. Basically it is a method for businesses to show ads to previous visitors of their site and then get them to come back. Sounds good, right? No, and it's going to burn through your hard-earned cash. When a person visits…
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