Black Friday Business Checklist

As many business owners know, Black Friday can either be a goldmine or scrape in a few pennies. Here is our checklist of tips to help you:

Make sure your...

  • is free of 404 errors.
  • ...SSL certificate and shopping cart are working correctly.
  • codes work correctly.
  • is clear and easily remembered.
  • ...promotion is listed in coupon sites (RetailMeNot, Groupon, etc.)
  • systems (phone, email, etc.) are working.
  • has enough bandwidth to handle a larger influx of visitors.

When Black Friday comes...

  • on social media.
  • again and/or multiple times during the day.
  • ...properly hashtag the post(s).
  • ...check any coupon sites and make sure your deal is showing.
  • ...fulfill orders as quickly as you can.
  • available to answer customer questions or tickets.

When it's over...

  • ...write a follow-up post, Tweet, etc.
  • ...make sure any pending orders are completed.
  • ...check your site bandwidth usage so that you aren't over your plan.
  • ...make sure you've answered any and all customer inquiries.
  • ...(optional) send a welcome email out to Black Friday purchasers.

Side Note: We are prepared to switch any of our customers from Shared hosting over to Business hosting for extra space/bandwidth, you can then switch back the next month or continue with the Business hosting benefits (like automatic WordPress updates).

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