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About Us

Our company is made up of passionate people who strive to better our hosting each and every day. We started out with Ink Ignite as a design website offering a variety of website design, logo design, and SEO services. Over time we felt it would be best if we were able to offer our clients hosting. A direct result of our goal to better websites resulted in Ink Ignite Hosting. We provided new and existing customers with the chance to have top-notch hosting for websites that we designed. Still feeling that we were not offering the most we could, we launched HostArmor™. Through this site we are now able to focus primarily on hosting and provide the level of excellence that is needed to run a web host company that works FOR the client instead of against the client. Our only wish is to make you feel as comfortable as possible while we do the high-tech work and save you a headache!

Reliable Hardware

We power the servers with CentOS (64-bit) Enterprise Linux and use Intel E5 Hex-Core Processors. The servers are equipped with a minimum 12 GB of RAM. We have RAID10 with CacheCard and full account daily backups.

99.9% Uptime

Through providing top-line server resources to our client base, we can truly guarantee a 99.9% network uptime for all shared servers (100% for dedicated servers). This uptime is a result of hard work, careful programming, and an large network of providers who deliver 1000 Mbps constant connection speeds both up and down.

1000+ Mbit Network

Shared hosting is on a 1000 Mbit network, and dedicated servers are on a 1000+ Gbit network. We use redundant-certified networks featuring the following fiber providers (and more):

  • Tiscali International Network
  • Global Crossing
  • NAP of the Americas
  • Level 3 Communications
  • NTT Communications

Our Team

Vallen Lestat
Owner/Tech Support

Vallen works as the driving force behind the company goals and ambitions. Through years as a professional website designer, he has learned hundreds of ins-and-outs for creating the best sites in the world. His interest in networking and modern technologies led him to launch in mid-2011

Diana Lestat
Co-Owner/Marketing Director

Diana is our financial advisor for all billing and hosting questions. However, her role has become so much more as her creative spirit and new ideas bring the personal touch to our company. A bachelor's degree in business administration has helped her to touch bases with a variety of cultures and customers.

Additional Support
Other Contacts

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Phone: (909) 744-5419

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